1. What is the difference between Permanent Accountability and Public Accountability Hearing?

Permanent accountability is the obligation of public entities and public servants to report and explain the progress and results of their management, as well as progress in guaranteeing rights to citizens and their social organizations.

The Public Hearing is a public event, a space for dialogue between citizens, organizations and public servants where information is provided on the results of a management in compliance with political responsibilities and plans executed in a given period.

2. Does the University have a permanent Accountability?

The University has prepared the website Permanent accountability for society consultation.

3. What information can I find on the Permanent Accountability website?

You will find institutional information organized by subject, such as general information on the university, budget information, institutional procedures and guidelines, citizen service and care, regulations, etc.

4. As a public servant, how can I contribute and / or participate in the permanent rendering of accounts?

The official can participate in this space, in keeping the website of his agency updated, with all the minimum mandatory content, topics of interest to the citizen; this information being clear, of quality and reliable.

5. As a student, how can I participate in the Public Accountability Hearing?

Students, officials, and the community in general, can actively participate in the Public Accountability Hearing, formulating their questions and concerns regarding the university’s Management report, as well as actively participating in the spaces or meetings that the institution conducts. for this purpose contributing to the continuous improvement of the University.

6. Where can I register my questions for the Public Accountability Hearing?

The University has provided various tools so that questions can be registered, such as the Accountability website, suggestion boxes, PQRSFD space and institutional social networks.

7. Where can I register to participate in the Public Accountability Hearing?

You can register on our Accountability website or on the registration forms enabled at the entrances on the day of the Public Hearing.

8. How do I know that my questions and concerns are being considered?

When you formulate your concerns in our institutional media, the university government consolidates this information by topic and responds on the day of the Public Hearing, in the same way, it will be published on our Accountability website after three days after the end of the Audience.